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Dragon City - An Enjoyable World of Monstrosity

Facebook the social networking site not only connects people all over the world for communication but also keeps people glued and connected to the loyal firm by engaging them in some one of the most gripping games. Farmville , Candy Crush, and many more other names but now to add up to the list is the launch of the new game the Disney Magic Kingdoms Hack - an enjoyable monster world.
Launched by the Socialpoint, Disney Magic Kingdoms Cheats is ranked one among the top 10 games on Facebook. The scenario of the game is like any other farm , but the twist here is that instead of breeding on livestock and poultry, you breed dragons. Encourages to lay / hatch elemental dragon eggs, interchange/crossbreed to give life to your own customized feature dragon . That would eventually train and fight against your rival team of dragons. The scenario of the game play encapsulates the role of building habitats for dragons, laying dragon eggs. Breeding the various dragons together to ensure that the players increasingly large collection of dragons stay well fed. The main motto of the game for the players is involved in the process of laying/hatching, building, housing, feeding dragons through a simple coaching, teaching and climb the ladder up to the various levels. Increase the money bag points and have an open path for hiring the 159 dragons available as you progress in the dragon family planning and find new dragons through the hatching and feeding process.
Few dragons are gifted as bonus and others by the recruitment group to get your friends to help. The monetary , financial value of the game comes in the form of the currency GOLD, which is mandatory for most of the tasks involved. The means for limiting the free players comes through the monetary way. Successfully breeding the dragons and innovating more dragons adds up to the hike in the money bag and helps the players reach a more advanced level and the tasks involved in making the empire strong.
Level 10 involves more action when the players enter the dragon lead and simultaneously earn more hard/soft currency. The graphics and animation involved in the game is commendable, the view of the farm pictures a wonderland with its vibrant colours used for the dragons. In simple terms the dragons design can be termed as cool. This game is a total fun, gripping game which allows you to decorate your magical dragon world , a monster friendly world that takes you on a fascinating trip.
To download Disney Magic Kingdoms log onto Facebook and its important to have a javascript to support and play the game on your laptop. You can also download it on App Store for iPhone and iPad, as well as on Google Play for Android devices.



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